Seth Rolland

"My challenge is to take a natural, organic material that has been turned into lumber, a rectilinear product, and bring it back to life."

Seth Rolland spends his time gathering forms in nature. After hiking in the woods, along the beach, or working in his garden and orchard, he distills the shapes he finds to create exquisite, organic furnishings built to last for generations.

Rolland primarily uses American hardwoods. As a concerned environmentalist, he obtains his wood from forests known to be sustainably harvested. Every piece of wood is selected for color and grain, then bent, laminated and carved into a graceful work of art.


Stonehenge Bookends
Wood Bookends

$ 168 - $ 336
Abanico Bookend
Wood Bookend

$ 168 - $ 336
Mantle Mirror
Wood Mirror

$ 1,225
Banyan Coffee Table
Wood Coffee Table

$ 1,970