Shiloh Hunkapiller

Shiloh Hunkapiller Studios

"My prior experience building bamboo fly rods has helped me while lampworking—both require patience and close attention to detail and accuracy. "

Shiloh Hunkapiller is a borosilicate glass artist who uses lampworking techniques (the manipulation and blowing of glass with the use of a torch) to create glass art ranging from marbles to vessels. His artwork is simple in color and form, yet elegant. He uses only the finest American borosilicate glass and kiln anneals on all finished pieces to remove stress within the glass.

Hunkapiller began his artistic career as a woodworker, specializing in the building of bamboo fly rods. Over the years he also acquired a great appreciation for and interest in glass art. Therefore, when he had the opportunity to learn glassblowing from fellow lampworkers, he took advantage of it. He studied the art for approximately two years; finding that glassblowing came naturally, he chose to pursue it full-time.

Over time, Hunkapiller has taken the knowledge taught to him and begun to develop his own unique techniques and style. He is continuously experimenting and pushing both the glass and himself.