Sonya Mackintosh

Smartworks, Inc.

"Inspired by the textures, colors, and patterns found in nature, my scarves are delightfully nubby and uniquely three-dimensional in a mixture of fabrics and tones. Each allows the wearer to express her individuality in style and comfort."

Creative, bold, and driven are three words that describe Sonya Mackintosh. A talented artist and entrepreneur, Mackintosh creates beautiful scarves by manipulating traditional knitting looms in innovative ways. She particularly enjoys experimenting with combinations of yarns that react differently to heat and water.

The artist's scarves are highly regarded and can be found in fine galleries, boutiques, and craft shows within the United States and abroad. Her skill and creativity have garnered her the Miliken Young Textile Design Award and acceptance to the American Craft Council, Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft, and Artrider shows.