Stacey Abrams-Sherick

"I call my art "handmade functional art" because I want it to be as functional as it is artistic. If art is functional, we can bring it into our everyday lives. I push my own artistry while retaining the simplicity of function. And in working with glass, you have to embrace the elements you cannot control. Taken together—creativity, functionality, and surprise—it is a perfect metaphor for life. "

Stacey Abrams-Sherick draws inspiration from the colors in the glass, stating that "it's easy to make something beautiful out of beautiful pieces." Working in what is known as fused glass, or warm glass, she takes many individual pieces of art glass and melds them together to create a harmonious single piece. She fires each piece in her kiln, melting the glass together until the desired result is achieved.

Primarily self-taught, Abrams-Sherick has had many teachers along the way to encourage her to stretch the bounds of her creativity. She received her BA degree in cultural and intellectual history, a self-created major, at the University of California, Los Angeles. Having studied art at the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain, she learned to see all forms of art as a canvas to be explored. She was introduced to glass at Santa Monica College and has honed her craft with multiple classes since.