Steve Bogdanoff

"I strive to create and reinvent images with the power to awaken myriad emotions using my technique of applying paint to plaster—a technique that evokes the awe-inspiring richness of Aegean Bronze Age artistry."

Steve Bogdanoff is a master in replicating the fresco form through his approach to the fresco-secco technique. Originally influenced by ancient Greek art, Bogdanoff's career has flourished since his initial fresco-secco achievement in 1990, earning him international recognition in his field. Utilizing his acute attention to color and composition, Bogdanoff creates unique works of art in an array of styles, from abstraction and neo-expressionism to realism.

Bogdanoff applies acrylic washes onto his sculpted plaster "canvas" to produce artwork that blends classic and modern styles to arouse a sense of mystery in the viewer. His abstract works are bold and powerful. He builds up the plaster to enhance the subject of the art piece. This creates a dramatic multi-layered effect, which casts shadows and increases depth, providing an additional element to the work.

Though he started out in various artist workshops as a child, Bogdanoff is mostly self-taught in painting, and has developed his own style of utilizing plaster as a canvas. Bogdanoff's work can be found in public and private art collections worldwide, and is featured in numerous national publications.

Sea and Sky No.4
Acrylic Painting

$ 6,625
Lava Trails Diptych
Acrylic Painting

$ 5,100
Acrylic Painting

$ 5,600
Under The Sea No.1
Acrylic Painting

$ 4,575
Sunset No. 1
Acrylic Painting

$ 4,625
Sea and Sky No. 2
Acrylic Painting

$ 6,125
Sea and Sky No. 3
Acrylic Painting

$ 4,500
Sunset No. 2
Acrylic Painting

$ 4,625
Sunset No. 3
Acrylic Painting

$ 4,625
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Sausalito Art Festival, Marinship Park, Sausalito, CA, 2014
Art of Bogdanoff, National, USA, 2008 - present
Bogdanoff Gallery, 936 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70116, 2001-2006
Boganoff Gallery, 616 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501, 2007-2008