Steve Murphy

"Each time a kiln is opened, there is something new—a color change, a different texture of clay. Many of my favorite pieces were gifts from the fire."

Steve Murphy's work is influenced by the forms and techniques of the Japanese art of Yakimono, the spirit of the tea ceremony, and the beauty of Asian cuisine. His colors come from a variety of natural sources, including Asian, British, and American clays, African and American minerals, and ashes from leaves, wood, rice straw, and volcanoes. These materials, along with Murphy's special firing process, combine to produce a wide range of effects.

A potter and sculptor working primarily in clay, Steve Murphy specializes in wood-fired stoneware. His small sculptures are meant to both beautiful and entertaining.

Steve Murphy's art education began with a BFA in design from UMass Dartmouth and continued with an intensive study of clay in Nagano, Japan. He has been a studio artist for more than 20 years.