Steve Scherer

Steve Scherer

"I concentrate my work on quality representation of natural object using the fluid lines that are natural to the glass."

Glass artist Steve Scherer turned his fascination with fire into a profession as a glass artist. Working from his hilltop home in south-central Kentucky, he fashions miniature scenes inside sealed glass spheres.

Steve Scherer uses a torch to melt and shape colored rods of glass. The forms are created by blowing, stretching, adding, and removing glass. Different colors are melted together, gradually building the shape as desired. No molds are used to shape the glass.

Steve Scherer was shown the basics of torchwork glass in 1967 by a high school friend and his friend's father, a scientific glassblower. Since then, he has continued working on his own, developing new techniques and improving the old ones. His ornaments are represented in fine craft galleries from Hawaii to Provincetown, MA.

Winter Sentinel
Art Glass Ornament

$ 185