Steve Sells Studio

"With more than 20 years of experience designing luxuriously dyed evening and event wear, my new casual wear collection combines easy-to-wear shapes with unusual fabrics and a minimalist, restrained use of surface design. "

Steve Sells focuses on shapes that are flattering and easy to wear. His styles are casual yet sophisticated, with a modern, architectural interpretation of classic Japanese shapes. These shapes are combined with an array of unusual fabrics with unique weave structures sourced from around the world—everything from highly textured Japanese cottons to Italian silk blends and Belgian linens.

Sells further enhances his pieces with a restrained use of surface design. All of the patterned fabrics on his garments are produced by hand in his Denver studio. Using various Japanese shibori processes, along with hand painting and ombre dyeing, he individually dyes each garment one at a time. The resulting combinations of shape, texture, and pattern create a unique piece of wearable art.

Originally a painter, Steve Sells is self-taught in shibori, the Japanese art of shaped resist dyeing.