Steven Kozar

"My hope as an artist is to confront the viewer with such absolute beauty that words become a distraction."

Painter Steven Kozar portrays landscapes and cityscapes with painstaking detail and clarity. His original paintings are so realistic that they are often mistaken for photographs. However, his pieces go beyond mere accuracy, showing his heartfelt vision and reverence for the landscapes and people surrounding him.

Kozar primarily paints using watercolor, although he also uses oil or acrylic on occasion. There are no "tricks" to his paintings—they are all painted using a paintbrush (with very rare use of an airbrush). His paintings are based on actual places that he has visited and photographed; he then uses these photographs as a reference back in his studio.

Kozar has been painting as a full-time professional artist since 1986 (right after he dropped out of art school). His paintings have been sold in prestigious art galleries in Chicago, Milwaukee, Washington D.C., New York, and London.

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