Jim Webb

Studio 233

"There are easier, faster methods to create in ceramics, but, for me, none as satisfying as hand-building."

Jim Webb began studying with acclaimed ceramist Toshiko Takaezu while an undergraduate at Princeton University. After graduating, he traveled extensively before returning to the U.S. to study economics at Columbia University. It was while studying at Columbia that Webb rediscovered his love of ceramics. At Toshiko's urging he moved to Lambertville, New Jersey, and became a member of the now-defunct Clay Co-op. In 1978 he opened his own studio, which is today Studio 233.

Webb's interest in lighting was born of a desire to combine clay's sculptural and functional potential. He creates a one-of-a-kind statement with the use of glazes and metallic oxides. His handbuilt slab lamps are embossed with a variety of carved reliefs that render each one a unique piece of art.

In 2001 Barbara Webb began working with her husband creating the shades for his lamp bases. She uses handmade paper from around the world.