Susan Barth

"My intention has always been to design jewelry that plays a unique role in the visual story a person tells to the world."

Jewelry designer Susan Barth is inspired by purity of form. Be it the subtlety of an architectural detail or the symmetry found in the petals of a closed flower, Barth finds deep satisfaction in the distilled essence of form in art and nature. For this reason, she challenges herself to communicate deeply in her own work through grace and simplicity.

Barth began her formal exploration of three-dimensional art and ornament when she majored in sculpture at New York City's High School of Art and Design. Later, while taking courses in jewelry design, she was introduced to the Lost Wax technique—a perfect match for her background in sculpture—and she knew she had found her passion.

Barth is adept at combining contrasting metals and textures. A piece is never complete until she's found the perfect combination and composition.