Susan Hill

"Observation is at the heart of my work. Glimpses of daily life and ritual become themes interwoven throughout. Nature, however, is my primary muse, more specifically my garden... the stories in my own back yard. I relish being immersed in every stage of the changing seasons, surrounded by color, texture, pattern, and rhythm... all of the juxtaposed sights and sounds that nature has to offer."

Constructed of handwoven tapestry, pieced fabrics, machine stitching, and embroidery, Susan's fiber collages are one-of-a-kind works of art, designed and produced entirely in her Kansas City studio. Her interest in textiles and fiber is a result of lifelong connections with generations of women in her family who were tailors, knitters, milliners, quilters, rug makers, and fine seamstresses. It’s in her genes!

Susan's work is often described as painterly and she actually approaches it as if she were a painter, from the use of color to gestural lines… fabric and yarn are her brushstrokes. Her fiber collages are abstract narratives that reflect on herown observations, yet allow the viewer to write their own stories.

Over her many years in Kansas City, she has been fortunate to create a life that is a rich tapestry of art, home, studio, travel, food, and gardening. Creating artwork, while staying grounded in family and community, gives her great joy. May her observations and reflections bring you joy!