Susan Madacsi

"Although steel is usually considered an industrial material, I like to draw attention to it on a human level by creating objects that reveal organic forms. My work is the result of my desire to use steel as a substrate for texture and form and as a palette for exploring color."

Madacsi uses both traditional and contemporary blacksmithing techniques to design and create works in steel, copper, and bronze. When steel is heated to temperatures of up to 2400 degrees, it can be manipulated in the same ways as clay. Madacsi explores and pushes the plasticity of the material in this hot state, achieving a variety of layered textures and patterns.

Madacsi begins a piece by making a multitude of elements to work with, then intuitively arranging the pieces until she has a composition that captures an element of beauty. After forging the individual elements on an anvil using hammers and other tools, she then assembles them by welding or using joinery techniques. Finally, she applies aerosol enamel paint and uses a variety of techniques to distress the surface. By using pigments, she finds that she is able to emphasize the many textures that evolve from forging.

Susan Madacsi received a BFA from Boise State University with an emphasis on sculpture. Her award-winning artwork has been shown in exhibitions across the country.

Rothko Field
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 5,300
Confectioner's Flag
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 7,900
Small NOLA Flag
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 1,600
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 4,300
Big Red
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 7,900
Ruby Squares
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 400 - $ 1,500
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 1,920
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 2,635
Shelf Cloud
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 1,985
VIVA! Totems
Metal Sculpture

$ 4,800
Tulsa Field
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 5,700
Cool Waters
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 3,900
NOLA Cloud
Metal Wall Art

$ 3,865
Tutti-Frutti Pyrocumulus
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 2,630
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Wynn Resort, 3131 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV, 89109, 2012
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Phildalphia Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA, 2011
One and Only , Kohler ARTspace, Sheboygan, WI, 2014
Chromaphobia, David Lusk Gallery, Memphis, TN, 2011
Smithsonian Craft Show, National Building Arts Museum, DC, Washington, DC, 2009
Iron 2010, National Ornamental Metal Museum, Memphis, TN, 2010
NY NOW, Javits Center, NYC, NY, 2014
Affordable Art Fair, The Tunnel, Chelsea, NY, 2013
Contemporary Art Fair, The Tunnel, Chelsea, NY, 2014
American Craft Council, Baltimore convention center, Baltimore, MD, 2009-2012