Suzanne Anderson

"There is play and amusement in my work, much like finding a small, unexpected treasure when walking in the Maine woods. Many things in the natural world inspire and excite my imagination. When I return to the studio and work with enamel and metal, these natural forms and color relationships seem to re-appear of their own accord. Inanimate becomes animated and there is a sense of play in my work."

Anderson creates her enamel jewelry in a wooded lakeside studio in Maine, surrounded by giant boulders, mosses, ferns and towering trees. Her pieces reflect her wonder at the fascinating and varied facets of nature, especially the beautiful miniature worlds of lichen, mushrooms, and mosses on the forest floor, which create compelling worlds of color and form. Though nature is always a strong influence, Anderson can be equally influenced by a compelling story, new music, or fashion. She thinks of her approach to jewelry creation as that of an artist, not a conventional jeweler, with her curiosity leading her to explore techniques widely and incorporate color, form, and mark-making in novel ways.

Anderson’s technique begins with hand-cut and formed pieces of copper, onto which are applied powdered glass in an array of brilliant colors. Further embellishments may be added, including graphite drawing, gold leaf, and scraffito. The pieces are fired in a kiln at 1450° and finished with sterling and argentium silver components. This vitreous enamel technique produces a beautiful finish, with a slight exposed copper edge that, while fully finished, retains the natural beauty of the metal. The utmost care and craftsmanship is used in creating the components to complete the work, including hand-formed and forged sterling silver, copper, and findings. These non-enameled metals are either left with a lustrous satin finish or have a patina applied and are sealed with a museum-quality protective wax.

Anderson has been busy creating all her life. After graduating from Maine College of Art in 1986 with a BFA in painting, Anderson worked as a graphic designer, painter, and jewelry maker. Jewelry creation has remained her strongest interest, and she is happiest when working in her studio on new colors and designs in metal and colored glass. Anderson’s “side job” is working with her husband on the yearly publication "The Maine Gallery and Studio Guide," now in it’s 21st year of publication. Anderson is also co-owner of Trio, a small artisan gift shop in Ellsworth, Maine. Anderson can often be found taking photos and exploring the woods around her home.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
CraftBoston Holiday, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA, 2019, 2018
Bangor Art Show, Maine Discovery Museum, Bangor, ME, 2015