Suzanne Weatherman

"Creating lampwork sculpture is an elegant challenge. I love the flow of glass, the heat of it, the color of it, the fun of it."

Inspired by the natural world, artist Suzanne Weatherman is having the most fun when she's creating small lampworked glass sculptures of animals, sea life, and plants. Lately, she has been especially intrigued by the challenge of capturing the personalities of various dog and cat breeds.

Weatherman has a lampworking studio in her home in southwest Missouri. She uses a mini CC torch, soft Italian glass rods, and a Paragon Bluebird digitally controlled kiln to cool down, or anneal, each piece.

Weatherman has been fascinated with glass since 1969 when her mother, Hazel Marie Weatherman, wrote her first book, Colored Glassware of the Depression Era, which spearheaded the Depression Glass collecting craze. Then, in 1998, she took a beginner lampworking class that provided the beginnings of her passion for exploring the medium of glass on a more personal level.

Santa Paws
Art Glass Ornament

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