Svetlana Lazar

"With each piece I strive to create moments of connection and personal magic for the wearer."

Svetlana Lazar distills the essence of her inspiration into metal form, drawing on the realms of fantasy, magical surrealism, history, childhood wonders, and the energy of the materials themselves. Rather than literal translations, each of her collections evokes a distinct feeling; protection, grace, whimsy, and magic.

Svetlana’s work features high-karat gold set with precious and semi-precious stones carefully selected for their quality and character. She makes extensive use of hand-carved textures, such as her signature Dragon Scale pattern, to bring depth, light play, and movement to each piece. The design approach is organic, fluidly moving between sketching, wax carving, and fabricating directly in metal. Svetlana is constantly searching and experimenting, leading to the creation of the Wishing Well, a ring collection based on her original setting that gives the illusion of water moving beneath gems.

Svetlana journeyed from early college explorations in sculpture to the miniature, all-encompassing world of the jeweler’s bench. She trained at the renowned Revere Academy in San Francisco, known industry wide for producing goldsmiths grounded in traditional technique. From there, she spent a decade as a designer and bench jeweler with one of the Bay Area’s premier fine jewelry shops, further honing her craft and vision.