Sylvie Rosenthal

"I adore the challenge of process and material, combining the unexpected, improbable parts and pieces fitting together making both furniture and art objects with complex simplicity."

The intricate and detail-oriented furniture and sculpture, contraptions, and art objects of Sylvie Rosenthal are infused with humor and steeped in the impossible. From snakes swallowing teapots to kinetic birds, from stacking chests to store your hopes to animals seamlessly blended with architectural spaces, the work holds a place where we can remember to forget, love, hope, hurt, laugh, and recover.

As a woodworker and sculptor, Rosenthal constructs by blending traditions of European woodworking, folk art, and pulp fiction. Designing and building, she looks to the traditions of woodworking while reinventing technique through a combination of experimentation and material knowledge. The work is all hand crafted with exquisite detail and a sense of humor.

Since the age of five, Rosenthal has been making objects. Her dedication to craftsmanship was instilled at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where she earned a B.F.A in 2003, and grew as she traveled, apprenticed, worked, and studied with many prominent woodworkers. She continues to make her own work, always learning and unlearning, challenging her skill, material, and artistic voice.

Stella Marbled Mirror
Wood Mirror

$ 1,800 - $ 1,850
Out to See
Wood Sculpture

$ 11,000
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
North Carolina Arts Council Crafts Fellowship, North Carolina, North Carolina, 2008-2009
American Style Emerging Artist, American Style Magazine, n/a, 2009