"For me, it has always been about creating garments that celebrate the diversity in women. It was never about "fashion." Designing clothing for each and every body was, and still remains, my driving passion."

The soul of each Sympli garment is a thoughtful design with every body shape in mind—by women, for women. Sympli is committed to creating effortless fashion as versatile and authentic as the women who wear it.

All Sympli garments are 100% designed and sewn in Canada, with 85% of the workers part of a "Home Sewer Network" that allows them to work on their own terms so they can care for families and elders.

In 1976, Jan Stimpson's passion for fabrics and drape led her to open a fabric store, where she often dappled in garment design. Her focus shifted to designing a collection of washable silks called Harmony, which set the stage for Sympli, with designs of body-friendly fits and free-flowing silhouettes.

Cinch Top
Knit Top

$ 145
Trapeze Tunic
Knit Tunic

$ 142
Key Vest
Knit Vest

$ 199
Rapt Pant
Knit Pant

$ 199