Tavia Brown


"Inspired by the dichotomies in life, I juxtapose textures, colors, and layers, balancing edgy and sweet, industrial and elegant, to create the signature look of taviametal."

Using life experiences—nature, family, memories—as her main inspirations, Tavia Brown creates work that tells stories through touch, sight, and sentiment. Combining tactile surfaces and impressions of nature with emotions of family, memory, and reverence, Brown grasps a subtle and soft atmosphere among industrial shapes and rigid metal. Balancing the gritty and the enchanting, Brown creates a signature look that is unmistakable: elegance with an edge.

Working in sterling silver, gold, and titanium, Tavia Brown designs and creates each piece of jewelry herself using lost wax casting, cold and hot fabrication, die-forming, etching, raising, and stone-setting. Currently, one of Brown's favorite processes is roller-printing. She creates her own embossed textures by first creating the design on a copper plate, then transferring the design onto sterling silver or gold by passing the two pieces of metal together through the rolling mill.

Since the age of six, Tavia Brown knew she wanted to be an artist. With this determination, she graduated with a BFA in metals from Appalachian State University. Her journey included a summer at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a week at Touchstone Center for Crafts, and a month-long trip to Europe studying art history and painting. After college, Brown worked for a high-end jewelry designer—an invaluable experience to her growth as a skilled metalsmith and business owner.

Silhouettes III
Silver Earrings

$ 100
Silhouettes IV
Silver Earrings

$ 100
Silhouettes VI
Silver Earrings

$ 114
Silhouettes I
Silver Earrings

$ 110
Silhouettes II
Silver Earrings

$ 100
Intrepid Long Dangles
Gold, Titanium & Stone Earrings

$ 430
Stone Stack Yellow
Gold & Stone Ring

$ 930
Fortress Ring with Topaz
Silver & Stone Ring

$ 204
Stone Stack Rose
Gold & Stone Ring

$ 884
Velocity Dusters
Silver Earrings

$ 154
Velocity Hoops
Silver Earrings

$ 72
Fortress Necklace with Topaz
Silver & Stone Necklace

$ 238
All Pinned Up Hoops
Gold & Silver Earrings

$ 282
Gold & Titanium Wedding Band

$ 1,130
Titanium Woodgrain Band
Silver & Titanium Wedding Band

$ 280 - $ 300
Silver & Titanium Wedding Band

$ 350
Sprinkle of Rivets
Gold, Silver & Titanium Wedding Band

$ 212
Gray and Pink
Gold, Stone & Titanium Wedding Band

$ 750
Encircled Necklace
Silver Necklace

$ 290
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Niche Awards Finalist - Silver - 2009, PA, USA, Philadlphia, 2009
One of a Kind Show and Sale, IL, USA, Chicago, 2008
Putting the Band Back Together, Savannah, GA, USA, Savannah College of Art and Design, 2008