Paul Lockwood

Team Paolo

"Glass is very personal to me, being a medium that requires talent, time, and persistence to accomplish works that relate natural elegance."

Glass has always been mysteriously captivating for Paul. His physics professor made several attempts to speak with the art department about getting him to spend more time in the science lab. It's no wonder that his senior thesis physics project won the all student art show. Glass has given Paul an outlet to speak artistically while allowing him to challenge himself with the ancient techniques of glass blowing.

Sand, soda and a twist of lime. It's not a martini, but at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit you have glass. Gathering glass from a furnace filled with molten glass is a lot like gathering honey out of a pot. Each time Paul gathers a new layer,he has the opportunity to add colors, textures and reshape the design of the final form. Once he is happy with his creation, it goes into an annealing oven to gradually bring the glass to room temperature, ready to find a home.

Paul first learned the art of glass blowing at Hastings College in Nebraska. His instructors, John Elias, Tom Kreager, Lino Tagliapietra, Elio Quarisa, and Dino Rosin have inspired and encouraged Paul through out his career as a glass blower. He has traveled to many studios throughout the nation and continues to take courses at "The Studio" in Corning, New York.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
1st Place, Denver Botanical Gardens, Denver, CO USA, 2004
Best of Show, Flat Irons Art Festival, Boulder, CO, USA, 2006
Fountain, Aurora Municipal Building, Aurora, Colorado, USA, 2004
Lighting renovation, State Capitol Building, Denver, CO USA, 2008
Three Graces, Briar Gate shopping mall, Colorado Springs, CO, USA, 2008
Staff of Asclepius, Clear Creek Surgery Center, Wheat Ridge, CO, usa, 2007
Lighting renovation, Church, Little Rock, AR, USA, 2008