Laurie Thal

Thal Glass Studio

"Blowing glass reflects how I live my life—with passion and gusto. When people tell me that having my work in their homes gives them joy, I'm fulfilled. If I can add to the beauty of their lives, then I have achieved my goal as an artist."

To Laurie Thal, art glass is the most seductive and alluring material. At seventeen, she intended to embark on a career as a ceramic artist, but then she tried blowing glass. The spontaneity, heat, passion, and focus of the medium drew her to it immediately, and she has been working with it ever since. She thrives on the dance of precise movements that glassblowing requires.

Thal begins each piece with an idea of a shape that blends color with the fluid qualities of glass. At times, unforeseen circumstances alter her intentions—sometimes ruining a piece, sometimes greatly enhancing it. Over time, she has developed even greater skill at controlling both the process and the final outcome.

For forty-five years, Thal has loved working with molten glass. Her art reflects the peace and harmony of her surroundings, the beautiful Teton Mountains. She strives to create lyrical vessel forms that capture the sublime quality of this place.