Micky Roof

The Jewelbox

"I celebrate making fine jewelry the timeless way artisans and craftspeople have for thousands of years, as a maker honoring the process of creation. Wearing an object of natural material for personal adornment is an age-old ritual. These objects have meaning, as jewelry is not merely a fashion accessory—jewelry marks moments in life and then it is passed on, sprinkled with more stories and memories. I'm honored to be part of jewelry's generational journey, whether that be the creation of a custom design or restoration of heirlooms."

A jewelry designer and goldsmith for over 40 years, Micky’s artistic inspiration comes from her love of nature, her appreciation of organic materials, and the beauty of the Finger Lakes region she calls home. Birch twigs from her yard, “lucky stones” from the shores of Cayuga Lake, and gorgeous waterfalls recreated in gems. These collections continue to grow and amaze.

Like many of her peers, Micky first got turned on to making jewelry in high school, largely due to a special teacher. Originally from Cheltenham, Pennsylvania, Micky credits much of her strong training to a well-funded high school art department that boasted five different art concentrations. It was the late 60’s, and Micky recalls having the opportunity to dabble in film-making, painting, ceramics, and television production. She had a high school art teacher who was a jewelry designer from Manayunk area of Philly. He saw the passion she had for artwork and craft, and he took her under his wing. When he took her to his private studio and she saw a riding crop handle he was commissioned to make in sterling silver repousse, she made an instant decision to make jewelry.

Although Micky felt her path was set, she decided to become an art teacher, not knowing it was possible to have a career as a professional artist. Micky entered the workforce as an art teacher, but soon realized she could make more money selling jewelry at weekend craft shows than from her teaching job. When she got pregnant, she stopped travelling and opened a tiny workshop at home and focused on custom work. Realizing she needed more exposure, she opened a small retail location, then another satellite location, and then a third in Ithaca, NY. By 1982, she had consolidated her locations and focused all her personal and professional energies in Ithaca. By the time she moved to Ithaca, she had established a reputation in the area, and her business just grew from there. Now Micky Roof owns the Jewelbox, a full-service jewelry gallery and studio on Ithaca’s Waterfront that features her one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as contemporary designers in the United States.