Theresa Vandenberg Donche

"Freestyle, gestural, and intuitive: it's not what gets painted, it's how it is painted. The physicality creates an honest personal expression."

Theresa Vandenberg Donche paints in a freestyle approach, using acrylic, pencil, ink, and oils to define her work. Using intuitive gestures and bold, physical marks, she creates energetic line and color that merge conformity with uninhibited expression. Her art invites viewers be pulled into line and color, and to dance within the piece.

Theresa Vandenberg Donche builds acrylic paint on canvas until a rich texture is developed. Using ink for loose, fluid lines, pencil for structure, and oil stick for rich, textural lines, she lays down marks in swift, undefined movements and gestures.

Theresa Vandenberg Donche earned a BA in graphic design from San Diego State University. She has also studied painting and monotyping with renowned teachers throughout California. She has taught abstract painting at Bravo School of Art, Art Academy of San Diego, and Borrego Springs Art Institute.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Under the same sky, Noel/Baza, San Diego, CA, 2015
We're not in Kansas anymore, 1210 Gallery, La Jolla, CA, 2015
The BIG Art Show, La Jolla Library, La Jolla, CA, 2014
Regional Juried Exhibition, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA, 2014
Viewing the Landscape, Noel/Baza, San Diego, 2014
Abstracts, Borrego Springs Art Institute, Borrego Springs, CA, 2017
Biotic, H Gallery, Ventura, CA, 2017
Spring Versinage, Private reception San Diego, San Diego, CA, 2017
Scratching the Surface, ABZ Productions, San Diego, CA, 2017
Athenaeum 24th Annual Exhibition, Athenaeum, La Jolla, CA, 2015