Thomas (Bud) Skupniewitz

Thomas Skupniewitz

"I enjoy every element of the process, from the design and wax model stage to the application of the patina and creating a customized base in wood or stone. Each piece gives me an idea for the next, and I never lack for inspiration. Even a walk in the woods gives me subject matter; I can't wait to get back in the studio."

Artist Thomas Skupniewitz is a third-generation painting contractor and tradesman. He is recognized as a master and expert of faux finishes, murals, and glazing, and conducts seminars and teaches throughout the United States. But his talents do not stop there.

Thomas, known to his friends as Bud, is an accomplished woodworker, gardener, chef, photographer, and sculptor, largely self-taught. His bronze works fit somewhere between the modernist and expressionist schools, and are reminiscent of the works of Henry Moore and William Zorach—earthy and sometimes primitive, yet with great fluidity and elegance.


Bronze Sculpture

$ 1,800
Swing Me
Steel Sculpture

$ 1,000
Bronze Sculpture

$ 8,000