Thomas Steinman

"After many years of blowing glass in good times, bad times, and really strange times, I finally figured it out: the glass blowing is fun--it's life that is hard!"

In 1976, after one minute into Thomas Steinman's first visit to a hot glass shop in Toledo, Ohio, he knew glassmaking was to be a long-term affair. Today, he puts on the iPod, fires up the glory hole, and leaves his troubles behind. His eyes, hands, and mind all unite for a short time to dance with the hot glass.

Delightful objects live on, unique smells excite the senses, and scorching memories are created while Steinman uses old-world glassblowing techniques. Repetition, trial and error, repetition, failure, repetition, experimentation, repetition, success!

Steinman's glass art career began at The Toledo Museum of Art. From there it has been small studios, large studios, retail glass, wholesale glass, ugly glass, beautiful glass, big glass, small glass, and other careers to help finance his glass career, which all led to the present, which is by definition, a gift!