Lance Timco

Timco Art Pottery

"I was first attracted to ceramics because of the joy I saw in the making. I delight in the knowledge gained from the past through the discovery of ceramic vessels and sherds. I enjoy problem solving and seeking answers to complex questions of which the creation of ceramic objects lends itself. My work is primarily wheel thrown and it ranges from functional to decorative. My firing methods include Raku, faux-Raku, saggar, multi-fired and both oxidation and reduction fired stoneware. My objects are from my heart, created with my hands and in passing to the viewer I hope that my sensibilities are transmitted from their hands to their heart. "

Lance has been working with clay for over 40 years. He begins his creative process with the rhythmic wedging of clay and contemplates the series of forms to come. His work is based in traditional forms and through a blend of concentration and relaxation he finds harmony in the forming, decorating and the finishing of each piece. He may draw or carve a line, place material on a piece to create a line. He dips, pours and sprays glazes and/or chemicals to create surfaces that provoke a tactile and visual intimacy, inviting contemplation.

Lance received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in ceramics from Stephen F. Austin State University. He went on to spend a few years traveling throughout the western USA, Mexico, Central America and Europe. He was accepted to the University of Dallas with a full tuition scholarship and received both a Master of Arts and a Master of Fine Arts degrees. Lance has worked for number of production potters in the western USA and has taught in Texas, California, Washington and Colorado. Lance has been the chair of the ceramics department at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs, Colorado from 2007 to present-day.