Todd Bradlee

"Much of my inspiration comes from the world around me, the world within me, and the interplay between the two. Sometime during the Industrial Revolution, functional art was misplaced, and has ever since been traveling down a bumpy road to recognition in the world of art. I feel lucky to be working in this gray area of art and furniture. "

In woodshop at school or in his dad's fully stocked garage, Todd Bradlee's early years were spent grappling with a living material that he didn't quite yet understand. Shaping it came easily to him, but he had yet to understand that a well-designed, well-made piece of furniture is as alive as a tree is before harvest.

A piece of Bradlee's furniture starts with an idea, and moves onto paper. Countless sketches are done before he finds the one he is happy with. He studies and selects woods, matching wood grain with each design. Although he uses traditional joinery, his pieces are far from traditional in style. He believes that furniture becomes art when a great design is beautifully made.

Todd Bradlee began woodworking at the age of 7, and his professional woodworking career began at the age of 18. Starting with carpentry, his path evolved into the world of studio furniture design and making.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
design in wood, san diego, ca, 2005