Milon Townsend

Townsend Associates

"I want viewers, when seeing these pieces, to write their own stories; creating metaphor and allegory for and from their own lives."

Milon Townsend is a self-taught artist whose ten-year study of dancers in New York City had a profound influence on his style, leading to the clean lines and focus on motion that he has become known for. His background in classical music was instrumental in developing the preference for structure and form that permeates his work today.

Townsend uses torches to melt glass in a technique called flameworking. Colors are twisted upon themselves and encased inside the glass. Townsend uses modern technological innovations, traditional Italian techniques such as murrini and filigrana, and methods that he has developed to create the sculptures that appear in his mind.

Townsend's artwork is in the permanent collections of the Carnegie Museum of Art, American Glass Museum, and the National Liberty Museum. He lives and works just outside a small village near Rochester, New York.