Victoria Shaw

V. Shaw Studio Design

"I can't separate my art from my spirituality. I think of us being here on earth to learn different lessons and grow."

Victoria Shaw loves the heat and hypnotic hum of a firing kiln. For her, this hum is like a mantra. Keeping art and spirituality closely linked. Inspiration coming from the still, small voice within.

Shaw's totems are built from a combination of clay techniques. Some parts are slab built, while others are coiled, wheel thrown, extruded, or altered. The clay surfaces are combed, airbrushed, dipped in glaze, and then fired. The forms are then stacked together to create a totem.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Shaw derives inspiration from natural and organic forms. She creates art that speaks about our connection with the earth while fitting into home interiors, landscapes, and gardens.

Blue Totemic Dreams
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 4,600