Victoria Varga

"Painting and drawing have always been spontaneous and natural to me. My approach to metal is essentially the same. The true challenge lies in transforming a static material into a whimsical work of art. "

Schooled in the fine arts, Victoria Varga found herself drawn to jewelry as a medium because of the artistic challenge of creating sculpture on a diminutive scale. Her jewelry is art for the human form. Bold yet clean sense of graphic design appeals to both men and woman. Easy to wear, her original works of art redefine the modern spirit.

Varga jewelry is made of sterling silver with an inlay of resin. The graphic designs are cut out of sheet silver and set in a bezel. To create the inlay traditional and non-traditional materials are laminated between resin. Gold leaf, copper, pigments and mica are often used. Polished to a high luster this silver and resin composite is surprisingly lightweight and durable.

Victoria Varga received a BS in Fine Art from Skidmore College in 1984. She received a teaching scholarship to attend Syracuse University where she received an MFA in Metalsmithing in 1986. In 1988 she opened her studio in New York City devoted to the design and hand fabrication of jewelry and original works of art. In 2000 Victoria and her family moved to Portland Maine where she continues to produce Varga jewelry.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Long's Park Art Festival, Lancaster, Pa, 2007,2009
Saint Louis Art Fair, Clayton, Mo, 2009
Uptown Arts Festival, Minneapolis, Mn., 2009
Niche Award Winner Fashion Jewelry, Rosen Show, Philadelphia, Pa, 2001,2008
Baltimore American Craft Council Show, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore MD, 1990 to present
Niche Award Finalist Fine Jewelry, Rosen Show, Philadelphia, Pa, 2001,2009
New Orleans Jazz Festival, New Orleans Fairground, New Orleans , 2014 ,2017, 2019
American Craft Council Show, Baltimore, Baltimore, Md, Every year
Smithsonian Craft Show, Womans Building, Washington DC, 2013, 2017