Deborah Vivas and Melissa Smith


"Aiming for an industrial feel and a modern look, we create each of our designs to be a part of your story. Embark on your next adventure wearing a Vivasmith piece."

Vivasmith stands for the last names of its founders, Deborah Vivas and Melissa J. Smith. It means "forgers of life"—fitting for the couple, as one carves her way with metals, while the other facets her way with gemstones. They are both dedicated to sustainability in their studio and believe that playful and interesting jewelry does not need to sacrifice elegance or ethics.

The artists' current work displays a combination of metals. They fuse fine gold and silver to mild steel using a torch over 1900° Fahrenheit. This mix of metals creates unique patterns and textures, which are accentuated with a dark blue heat patina that is also done with the artists' favorite tool, the torch. Some of their pieces are complemented by carefully selected and cut colored gemstones.

Deborah Vivas is a multidisciplinary designer with a background in architecture. She has taken jewelry courses in Caracas, Venezuela; San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; Salida, Colorado; and Grand Haven, Michigan. Melissa J. Smith is a graduate gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America. She is passionate about gemstones and approaches her faceting by bringing out the natural beauty of each stone.

Lilypad Ring
Gold, Silver & Steel Ring

$ 380
Lilypad Moonstone Earrings
Gold, Silver, Steel & Stone Earrings

$ 520
Columnar Earrings
Gold, Silver & Steel Earrings

$ 320
Between Lines Cuff
Gold, Silver & Steel Bracelet

$ 620
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Beaux Arts Festival of Arts - First Place in Jewelry Award, University of Miami, Miami, FL - USA, 2019
Columbus Arts Festival, Downtown Columbus, Columbus, OH - USA, 2018-2019
American Craft Council, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD - USA, 2015-2019
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition - Best of Jewellery Award 2018, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, ON - Canada, 2015-2018
Autor International Contemporary Jewelry Fair , National Theatre Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania, 2015