Eduardo Milieris


"I choose the path of creation as a lifestyle, with a strong belief in the transformative, reflective power of art in our daily lives."

Uruguay-born artist Eduardo Milieris has been fascinated by the integration of art and time since he was a child. Today he combines art with time in his beautiful limited-edition watches. He considers his designs to be "industrial chic:" made from recycled metals, embellished with sterling silver, copper, and brass. "My timepieces suggest the reality of constant change and evolution," he explains.

Milieris works in metal in the same ways they were used hundreds of years ago, preserving a tradition of craftsmanship. The metals are distressed and oxidized to give the watches a look reminiscent of buried treasure. Finally, the artist paints each watch face by hand, giving it a distinct appearance.

Eduardo Milieris was born in 1960 in Montevideo, Uruguay, to hardworking parents who believed in education and the power of art. From a young age, Milieris was exposed to all of the art world culture that the Uruguayan metropolis had to offer. After attending art school in his hometown, he eventually moved to New York City, where the urban landscape greatly influenced his work.

Paper on Silver
Silver & Brass Watch

$ 400
Full Moon Copper Wave
Silver & Copper Men's Watch

$ 451
Full Moon Brass Wave
Silver & Brass Men's Watch

$ 451