Mary Ann Owen and Malcolm Owen

Winged Camel Metalworks

"Folks always comment that we must have fun making our work. What's your guess?!"

Malcolm and Mary Ann Owen are a husband and wife team who own and operate Winged Camel Metalworks, a small studio located in the northern foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State. Most of their work is collaborative, but each partner also makes one of a kind pieces. Mary Ann makes jewelry and small sculptures, Malcolm creates large sculptural and decorative work.

The couple use a hands-on collage method to explore themes. The small silver figures lend a sense of action and intimacy to the work. The Owens fabricate their pieces from copper, brass and sterling silver using tried and true hand forming methods. Many of the hammers and stakes that are used daily were made by Malcolm. The small figures are cast in the studio using the lost wax process.

Mary Ann and Malcolm Owen met while studying in the art metals program at SUNY Oswego. Malcolm had a degree in philosophy and was a self taught blacksmith. They soon formed a partnership making small silver holloware and flatware. They progressed to using copper as a primary material and have been exploring the possibilities ever since.

Henry James
Mixed-Media Sculpture

$ 3,200
Look It Up
Mixed-Media Sculpture

$ 2,400
Metal Candle Snuffer

$ 130
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Craft Council Craft Fair, convention center, Baltimore, 2011