Artist-Designed Tops

From everyday essentials to stunning statement pieces, our collection of artist-designed tops for the sophisticated woman has everything you need for an effortless and creative wardrobe. Perfect for travel, special occasions, or everyday wear, these tops are distinctive works of art designed by artists in artful styles ranging from classic to modern.
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Ceci Tunic
Woven Tunic

by Carol Turner
$ 128
Enno Tunic
Linen Tunic

by Cynthia Ashby
$ 188
Ravello Linen Tunic
Woven Tunic

by Lisa Bayne
$ 148
$ 59.20
Linen Signature Shirt
Linen Shirt

by Planet
$ 278
$ 222.40
Dune Tee
Linen Top

by Lisa LeMair
$ 168
Tristan Shirt
Woven Shirt

by Planet
$ 238
Laurel Topper
Woven Topper

by Carol Turner
$ 168
Anya Tunic
Woven Tunic

by PilgrimWaters
$ 368
$ 147.20
Newport Tunic
Woven Tunic

by Banana Blue
$ 498
$ 224.10
Draped Tee
Knit Top

by Lisa Bayne
$ 140
$ 35
Whitney Tunic
Linen Top

by Fenini
$ 110
$ 27.50
Merina Shirt
Woven Tunic

by Beau Jours
$ 198
$ 99
Avery Tunic
Woven Tunic

by Alembika
$ 248
$ 148.80
Cowl Poncho
Knit Poncho

by Planet
$ 288
Big Shirt
Silk Shirt

by Michael Kane
$ 690
Liora Tunic by Bodil Knighton (Woven Tunic)
Liora Tunic
Woven Tunic

by Bodil Knighton
Sold Out
Mimic Tunic by Sympli (Knit Tunic)
Mimic Tunic
Knit Tunic

by Sympli
Sold Out