Art to Wear

Drawing upon everything from traditional textile arts to new digital techniques, these apparel artists and designer create stunning pieces that are more than just clothing: they are extraordinary works of art to wear.
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Colorblock Flair Sweater
Knit Sweater

by Kaoru Izushi
$ 290 - $ 310
Harper Wrap
Silk & Wool Wrap

by Elizabeth Rubidge
$ 260
Cropped Boxy Pull
Knit Sweater

by Cara May
$ 240
Structure Jacket
Shibori Jacket

by Laura Hunter
$ 700
Dash Jacket
Shibori Jacket

by Laura Hunter
$ 480
Kimono Jacket
Shibori Jacket

by Michael Kane
$ 698
Ripple Scarf
Shibori Scarf

by Laura Hunter
$ 190
Chiffon Holey Scarf
Silk & Wool Scarf

by Barbara Poole
$ 140
Cuffed Cowl Tunic
Shibori Sweater

by Laura Hunter
$ 520
Thrice Jacket
Ultrasuede Jacket

by Teresa Maria Widuch
$ 1,300
Big Shirt
Silk Shirt

by Michael Kane
$ 690