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Cozy Knit Sweater
Knit Sweater

$ 288
V-Neck Tee
Knit Top

$ 125
Crew Swing Tee
Knit Top

$ 165 - $ 168
Brio Jacket
Woven Jacket

$ 748
Kantha Vest
Woven Vest

$ 550
Ultrasuede Jacket

$ 500
Ultrasuede Jacket

$ 550
Blue Long Crepe Jacket by Peggotty Christensen (Silk Jacket, O/S (6-16))

Oversized Fit

Full, generous, and unstructured garments are oversized. They often come in only one or two sizes, as their design and character, similar to some relaxed fit clothing, do not follow a particular body shape to make a statement. Body measurements are less important in this fit.