United States Artists

The United States of America is an intricate tapestry of creative talent: in all corners of the country, artists and designers take to kilns, looms, lathes, and more to create exquisite works of art. From stately glass sculpture to distinctive apparel, discover more than 20,000 remarkable pieces handcrafted by the finest artists in the USA.
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Owl Lotus Box
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 400
White Egret Urn
Ceramic Vessel

$ 1,200
Luna Moth Tea
Ceramic Teapot

$ 470
Mini Lotus Tea
Ceramic Teapot

$ 370
Frog Box
Ceramic Box

$ 90
Lizard Vessel
Ceramic Vessel

$ 190
Lone Lizard Box
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 120
Lizard Bowl
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 150
Raven Acorn Box
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 700
Ceramic Vase

$ 2,000
Frog Vase
Ceramic Vase

$ 80