Ceramics & Pottery

From stoneware vases and bowls to porcelain sculpture and decor, each handcrafted piece of ceramic artwork and pottery contains a wealth of beautiful detail. See all that North America's finest ceramic artists and potters have to offer for your home.
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Owl Lotus Box
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 400
Mini Lotus Tea
Ceramic Teapot

$ 370
Jade Lily Perfume II
Ceramic Perfume Bottle

$ 200
Luna Moth Tea
Ceramic Teapot

$ 470
Owl Box
Ceramic Box

$ 180
Lizard Vessel
Ceramic Vessel

$ 190
Frog Box
Ceramic Box

$ 90
Ceramic Vase

$ 2,000
Raven Oak Vessel
Ceramic Vessel

$ 1,500