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X Marks Oval Earrings
Enameled Earrings

$ 180
Dash, Dot & Glass Jewelry
Art Glass & Rubber Jewelry

$ 90 - $ 160
Black and White Curve Earrings
Silver and Pearl Earrings

$ 120
Studded with Pearls Jewelry
Rubber & Pearl Jewelry

$ 80 - $ 170
Ovulo Earrings
Silver & Nylon Earrings

$ 80
Pearl Earrings
Silver, Steel & Pearl Earrings

$ 160
Entymology Earrings
Silver & Pearl Earrings

$ 104
Double Formed Earrings
Gold & Silver Earrings

$ 520
White Circle Cage Earrings
Copper and Enamel Earrings

$ 190

The striking jewelry in our Black and White Collection reinvents the versatile color palette with unique shapes and energetic patterning.

Artist-Made Earrings

Discover unique earrings handcrafted by North American jewelry artists from gold, silver, pearls, diamonds, gems, precious stones, birth stones, and other materials. Distinctive and modern, these handmade works of art are a beautiful way to express your style.