Artist-made Rings

Shop unique, artist-made rings and bands in gold, silver, pearls, diamonds, gems, precious stones, birthstones, and other materials. From handcrafted wedding bands and engagement rings to cocktail rings and stacking rings, each piece is created by a North American jewelry artist to make a statement of style. Shop artist-made rings and bands for yourself or find the perfect gift.
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Big Poppy Ring
Gold, Steel & Stone Ring

$ 1,950
Kyanite Tendril Ring
Size 7-7.5 Gold, Silver & Stone Ring

$ 385
Morganite Rustic Ring
Size 8-8.5 Gold, Silver & Stone Ring

$ 398
Amazonite Tendril Ring
Size 10-10.5 Gold, Silver & Stone Ring

$ 375
Petite Pebble Ring
Size 7-7.25 Gold & Stone Ring

$ 990
Turquoise Tendril Ring
Size 6.5-7 Gold, Silver & Stone Ring

$ 337
Labradorite Tangle Ring
Size 7-7.5 Gold, Silver & Stone Ring

$ 289
Capri Ring by Robin  Sulkes (Gold, Silver & Stone Ring)
Capri Ring
Gold, Silver & Stone Ring

Sold Out