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Rye Ring II
Gold, Silver & Stone Ring

$ 2,700
Slim Ran Ring with 3 Diamonds
Gold, Silver & Stone Ring

$ 3,700
Thick Slate Cuff
Gold, Silver & Stone Bracelet

$ 3,050
Hinged Monarch Bracelet
Gold, Silver & Stone Bracelet

$ 3,800
Meridian Round Pendant
Gold & Stone Necklace

$ 2,680
18k Gold Ice Ring
Gold, Silver & Stone Rings

$ 3,090 - $ 3,490
Geometric Aquamarine Pendant
Gold, Silver & Stone Necklace

$ 3,795
Beady Blossom Ring
Gold & Stone Ring

$ 3,700
Hinged Zebra Bracelet
Gold, Silver & Stone Bracelet

$ 3,800

Fine Jewelry Collection

With meticulous craftsmanship and exquisite details, each piece in our Fine Jewelry Collection is a true work of art.

Diamond Jewelry

Artist-made diamond jewelry is enchanting to behold, combining the sparkle of diamonds with other gemstones and precious metals. From necklaces to earrings, bracelets to rings, discover artist-made diamond jewelry that showcases the skills of North American jeewlry artists while making a statement of style.