Artist-Made Jewelry

Artist-made jewelry can be bold and daring with show stopping details; enchanting to behold with gentle curves, natural forms, and sparkling gems; or anywhere in between. From necklaces to earrings, rings to bracelets, here you'll discover artist-made jewelry that showcases the skills of North American jewelry artists while making a statement of style. Find something for you or the perfect gift.
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Flip Cuff Bracelet
Steel Bracelet

$ 65 - $ 85
The Ultimate Lanyard
Aluminum Eyeglass Lanyard

$ 80
Web Cuff
Steel Bracelet

$ 65 - $ 85
Shield Earrings
Silver & Bronze Earrings

$ 179
Rectangle Hoop Earrings
Gold & Enameled Earrings

$ 80
Pink and Gold Spiral Earrings
Gold & Enameled Earrings

$ 120
Pink and Gold Pod Lariat
Gold and Enameled Necklace

$ 320
Swirls Necklace
Aluminum Necklace

$ 160
Sprocket Drop Earrings
Silver & Pearl Earrings

$ 390
Flame Blossom Memoir Brooch by Jeffrey Lloyd Dever (Polymer Clay Brooch)