Artist-Made Bowls

Whether functional or sculptural in form, each of these handmade bowls contains the creative expression of an artist. Explore this collection of ceramic, wood, and art glass bowls, or for more a specific medium, view our art glass bowls collection.
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Gold Ruby Canyon Bowl
Art Glass Bowl

by David Lindsay
$ 164 - $ 210
Water Bowl Set
Art Glass Serving Pieces

by Hudson Beach Glass
$ 410
Spirit Wind
Art Glass Bowl

by Laurie Thal
$ 2,200
Fire Bowl
Art Glass Bowl

by Mira Woodworth
$ 350
Ceramic Bowl

by Michael Kifer
$ 140
Desert Series Bowl
Art Glass Bowl

by Steven Main
$ 405 - $ 745
Heart Bowl
Art Glass Bowl

by Kathleen Ash
$ 85 - $ 330
Ceramic Bowl

by Lilia Venier
$ 336