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Aarons, James
Aarons, James
Allard, Gail
Allen, Loy
Andrea Geer
Arenas, Eliana
Arnold, Amy
Avnisan, Varda
B, Tammy
Bally, Boris
Bardol, Arden
Barker, Jim
Becker, Lisa
Berman, Sher
Bernard, Nicholas
Bishoff, Bonnie
Bladholm, Eric
Bowman, Kathryn
Bradley, Virginia
Brueck, Jason
Caldwell, Jennifer
Cardamone, MF
Carlson, Keoni
Chakravarty, Jason
Chulyk, A. Andrew
Clark, Phyllis
Comfy USA
Costello, Dagmara
Cox, Teresa
Cozzi, Louise Fischer
Crago, Peggy
D'Aquino, Donna
Dane, Robert
Dix, Trefny
Dymel, Ashka
Eckels, Nancy
Ehrensvard, Martin
Elliott, Ken
Elton, Jean
Farrell, Regina
Filapek, Mary
Fisher, Rona
Friedberg, James
Gatski, Ben
Gatski, Kate
Geiger, Josephine A.
Gerson, Cathy
Gibbons, John
Goldgewicht, Hannie
Goldstein-Rice, Amy
Gould, Ronnie
Greene, Katherine
Gryder, Christopher
Guthrie, Carole
Hail, Shelly
Hale, Karen
Harrold, Kate
Harwin, Sylvi
Hawkins, Judy
Hayes, Nancy
Helen Rudy
Hokanson, Bengt
Holmes, Elizabeth
Hood, Sarah
Hu, Sophia
Hudson, Chris
Hunnicutt, Joel
Hunter, Alexi
Iskiw, Catherine
Jestaedt, Marcia
Johannessen, Mary
Johnston, Mary
Kahn, Scott
Kay, Lela
Kelemen, Alicia
Kesler, Lisa
Kifer, Michael
La Bottega di Lisa
Lamb, Darlis
LeMair, Lisa
Leman, Vincent
LeVett, Michele
Locke, Cathy
Lodge, Jera
Londir, Aryana
Long Gallegos, Julie
Longcope, Amy
Mahlstedt, Susan
Mann, Nina
Meyer, Doug
Michael Kane
Mieko Mintz
Miller, Cynthia
Mindy McCain
Moskowitz, Leonard
Nebuchadnezzar, Olena
Nemick, Frank
Neugebauer, Judith
Neugebauer, Tom
O'Brien, Kevin
O'Neill, Linda
Peery, Laura
Pellicciotto, Jane
Pistor, Kathryn
Post, Sara
Powell, Julie
Randa, Bryan
Rickey, Daniel
Root, Elisa
Sauber Olds, Kelsey
Scharer, Karen
Scheidt, Katie Re
Share, Jed
Siegel, Suzanne
Silberlicht, Ellen
Silverman, Corey
Simonds, Nancy
Souza Finney, Denise
Stauffer, Wendy
Stenerson, Andrew
Sugg, Janice
Sulkes, Robin
Syron, J.M.
Taylor, Mark
Tondro, Cassandra
Touchon, Ouida
Townsend, Lou Ann
Travis, Alix
Van Nest Markovich, Emilia
Venier, Lilia
Waddell, Mariel
Wagner, Shirley
Wilbar, John
Wilbar, Meghan
Wills, Susan
Wolken, Erik
Woodworth, Mira
Yates, Stephen
Yuen, Chin
Yuh Okano
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The Edge 3
Acrylic Painting

by Nancy Hayes
$ 500
Collage Necklace
Silver & Stone Necklace

by Ashka Dymel
$ 720
Channel Table
Metal Console Table

by Doug Meyer
$ 1,375
Fiber Wall Hanging

by Olena Nebuchadnezzar
$ 1,200
Misty Black Jewelry
Rubber Jewelry

by Dagmara Costello
$ 90 - $ 160
Concentric Tumblers
Art Glass Drinkware

by Corey Silverman
$ 100 - $ 200
Oil Painting

by Mary Johnston
$ 1,500
Caroline Dress
Knit Dress

by Comfy USA
$ 148 - $ 160
Rainy Day, Shifting Sands
Acrylic Painting

by Chin Yuen
$ 2,000
Deep Oceans
Ceramic Vessel

by Tom Neugebauer
$ 450
Acrylic Painting

by Nancy Hayes
$ 8,000
Duplex Bracelet
Brass & Polymer Bracelet

by Louise Fischer Cozzi
$ 128
Urchin Bowls
Art Glass Bowl

by Robert Dane
$ 100
Diebenkorn Cuff
Beaded Bracelet

by Julie Powell
$ 360
Three Squares Earrings
Metal Earrings

by Donna D'Aquino
$ 125 - $ 150
Spark Table
Wood End Table

by Vincent Leman
$ 795
Red Dot Earrings
Rubber & Wood Earrings

by Dagmara Costello
$ 80
The Edge 5
Acrylic Painting

by Nancy Hayes
$ 500
Hudson Shoe
Leather Shoe

$ 338
Confetti Caper Necklace
Paper & Acrylic Necklace

by Phyllis Clark
$ 325
Narrow Deco Tier Earrings
Silver & Steel Earrings

by Jera Lodge
$ 200
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

by Christopher Gryder
$ 140 - $ 390
Chihuahua on Pillows
Ceramic Sculpture

by Ronnie Gould
$ 700
Star Lite, Star Brite
Giclee Print

by Jason Brueck
$ 50 - $ 350
Amalgamation 8
Acrylic Painting

by Nancy Hayes
$ 8,000
Mondrian Red Necklace
Polyester & Stainless Steel Necklace

by Sophia Hu
$ 288 - $ 448
Wave Bottle
Ceramic Bottle

by Susan Wills
$ 100
Long Deco Tier Earrings
Silver & Steel Earrings

by Jera Lodge
$ 240
Ruby Pebble Stud Earrings
Gold & Silver Earrings

by Rona Fisher
$ 295
Double Cuff Ruby Bracelet
Gold, Silver & Stone Bracelet

by Rona Fisher
$ 1,895
Giclee Print

by Marcia Jestaedt
$ 190 - $ 390
Ruby Sunshine Lariat
Glass Bead Necklace

by Kathryn Bowman
$ 290
Henna Velvet Pillow
Silk Velvet Pillow

by Kevin O'Brien
$ 390
Wood Sculpture

by John Wilbar
$ 780
Fiona Earrings
Gold, Silver & Stone Earrings

by Nina Mann
$ 380
Rainbow Wave
Art Glass Sculpture

by Lisa Becker
$ 350
Bold Rectangle Earrings
Mixed-Media Earrings

by Eliana Arenas
$ 260
Mezzo Slice Earrings
Silver & Enamel Earrings

by Jane Pellicciotto
$ 180
Rabbit and Poppies Tray
Ceramic Tray

by Peggy Crago
$ 50 - $ 85
Time and Again 3
Acrylic Painting

by Karen Hale
$ 95
Conchita Mermaid Tile
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

by Lilia Venier
$ 148
Transit Chair
Metal Chair

by Boris Bally
$ 1,100
Chevron Velvet Pillow
Silk Velvet Pillow

by Kevin O'Brien
$ 390
Red Flags: Decisions
Fiber Wall Hanging

by Aryana Londir
$ 3,800
Chiles No.24
Woodcut Print

by Ouida Touchon
$ 400
Bold Red Earrings
Mixed-Media Earrings

by Eliana Arenas
$ 260
Autumn into Mauve
Oil Painting

by Ken Elliott
$ 8,150
Playa Santa 5A
Oil Painting & Giclee Print

by Virginia Bradley
$ 190 - $ 2,900
Acrylic Painting

by Lisa Kesler
$ 4,000
Country Farm Stand
Hand-Colored Photograph

by Elizabeth Holmes
$ 700 - $ 980
Bright Idea
Mixed-Media Painting

by Sara Post
$ 700
Red Flags
Fiber Wall Hanging

by Aryana Londir
$ 3,200
Red Wave
Ceramic Vessel

by Nicholas Bernard
$ 575
Space Oddity
Giclee Print

by Jason Brueck
$ 50 - $ 350
Forest Surprise
Giclee Print

by Ken Elliott
$ 300 - $ 790
The Warrior
Art Glass & Wood Sculpture

by Helen Rudy
$ 5,000
Would You Please?
Ceramic Teapot

by Laura Peery
$ 800
Red Ribbon
Oil Painting

by Cathy Locke
$ 3,000
Blinding Light
Watercolor Painting

by Suzanne Siegel
$ 250
Dusk Moon
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

by Regina Farrell
$ 240
Scarlet Sketch II
Art Glass Vessel

by Eric Bladholm
$ 250
Red Falls
Acrylic Painting

by Stephen Yates
$ 298
Textured Rings
Gold, Silver & Stone Rings

by Susan Mahlstedt
$ 430
Sunflower Butter Dishes
Ceramic Serving Ware

by Peggy Crago
$ 150
The Lion Tamer
Giclee Print

by Kate Harrold
$ 50 - $ 80
Red Foothills
Oil Painting

by Ken Elliott
$ 4,400
Stormy Wave
Ceramic Vessel

by Nicholas Bernard
$ 595
The Road Ahead
Acrylic Painting

by Katherine Greene
$ 950
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