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Pentimento IV
Metal Sculpture

$ 76,300
Pentimentos I
Metal Sculpture

$ 72,300
Kabuki Shield
Metal Sculpture

$ 28,300
Metal Sculpture

$ 21,300
Pentimentos II
Metal Sculpture

$ 72,300
Banyan Tropical Botanical
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 4,020
Curved Shield
Metal Sculpture

$ 24,300
Mercury's Children
Metal Sculpture

$ 36,300
Coral Blossoms
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 1,680
Ocean Breeze Boat II
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 1,900

Large-Scale Sculpture

Whether meant for tabletop, wall, or outdoor display, large-scale sculpture makes a bold impact with its great size and beauty. Today's finest North American sculpture artists create a stunning variety of large-scale sculptures from glass, ceramic, wood, metal, and other materials. Shop all artist-made sculpture.