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We are proud to offer an extraordinary collection of juried fine art, craft, and design. Find your inspiration in our extensive juried collection of fine art, craft, and design—more than 20,000 unique pieces for your home and wardrobe.
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Basket Hoops
Nylon Earrings

by Maria Eife
$ 85
Duplex Bracelet
Brass & Polymer Bracelet

by Louise Fischer Cozzi
$ 128
Black and White Dot Earrings
Silver and Resin Earrings

by Melissa Stiles
$ 110
Spade Earrings
Polymer Clay Earrings

by Louise Fischer Cozzi
$ 150
Chandelier Wire Black Mix I
Steel & Polymer Clay Earrings

by Arden Bardol
$ 150
Dot Earrings
Resin Earrings

by Melissa Stiles
$ 88
Misty Black Jewelry
Rubber Jewelry

by Dagmara Costello
$ 90 - $ 160
Meander Necklace
Rubber & Polymer Necklace

by Kathleen Nowak Tucci
$ 280
Confetti Caper Necklace
Paper & Acrylic Necklace

by Phyllis Clark
$ 325
Impact Necklace
Silver, Brass & Rubber Necklace

by Laura Hutchcroft
$ 210
Crazy Spiral Earrings
Polymer Clay Earrings

by Kathleen Dustin
$ 100
Red Dot Earrings
Rubber & Wood Earrings

by Dagmara Costello
$ 80