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Raindrop Votives

Art Glass Candleholder

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The 720 Glass Raindrops are the very first distinct design created by James Stanford that truly began his 720 Glassworks home decor line. The splash flare concept was imagined following an accidental mishap in 2005 when a piece of glass he was flaring open partially cracked and came apart. As the glass flung wildly, the artist removed it from the flame causing it to freeze in motion. Since then the organic appearance of the splash look has evolved into the "Raindrop Votives" the artists make today.

The "Raindrop Votives" are blown and sculpted from flameworked borosilicate glass. Borosilicate is heat resistant and will not break from the candle flame. They are intended for use with a standard, metal bottomed tea light. Never use a tea lite that has a plastic bottom, as the plastic may catch fire. Scented candles have oils that may cause soot to gather on the glass.

For melted wax on glass, allow to cool until hard. Gently, heat with a hair dryer until soft, being careful not to melt the wax. Pull softened wax out. Clean with damp cloth.

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