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Mosaic Ocean

Art Glass & Ceramic Wall Sculpture

Colors of the ocean dance around these faceted circles, full of reflection and light. Wheel thrown then hand carved, these ceramic pieces ripple with textures and movement in hues of green, blue and purple, with highlights of the suns reflection. Pools of melted glass enhance their underwater quality. The mostly transparent fused glass circles are meticulously hand laid with facets in bursting patterns of ocean colors to compliment their ceramic partners. Hung at varying depths, these glass pieces allow the light to shine and cast their brilliant glow. The 5 clay and 3 glass circle range in size from 4 to 12 inches in diameter and mount from 1 to 4 inches from the wall. This piece comes with a full sized template and hardware for easy and accurate installation. Please contact our Customer Care department if you are interested in customizing the color or layout of this piece. Each piece is unique and will vary slightly.

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