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Art Glass & Ceramic Wall Sculpture

This circular "skyline" dances in rhythmic and spontaneous ways with black and white elegance. Slick, shiny fused glass circles are hand cut, layered, fused, cold worked and fire polished to give them their uptown brilliance. Ceramic circles have been wheel thrown, hand carved, stained and glazed with a satin finish, then decorated with a high gloss glaze and bits of jewel-toned fused glass to add a touch of class. From uptown to downtown, this installation is downright chic, and will bring depth and dimension to your walls. Fused glass circles are 2"- 8" in diameter and vary in relief from from the wall (1/2" - 3",) allowing light to pass through. Ceramic circles are 4" - 12" in diameter, and stretch across as the background for the glass to dance across and around. This piece comes with a full sized template and hardware for easy and accurate installation. Each piece is unique and will vary slightly.

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