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Horizon Decanter and Cups

Art Glass Drinkware

Created by Andy Koupal
Showcasing a unique intersection of clean lines and purposeful design, Horizon Barware offers a timeless way to decant and serve your favorite beverages. Each piece features an angled line made by dipping the form in an extra gather of molten glass before it's shaped to form. Once cooled, the pieces are hand cut on a lathe to create the gestural, optical pattern seen. A solid orb stopper detailed with 23k gold adorns the decanters. Available in neutral gray, aurora, aqua, crystal, and golden spruce.

Sold as a set (one decanter and two cups) or individually.

Decanter measures 8.5"H, 5"dia and holds 25 oz.
Each cup measures 3.75"H, 2.5"dia and holds 6 oz.

Hand wash.